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rupafrexer A patent pending natural anti-inflammatory supplement that helps alleviate join pain and maintain heart health NPN 80033442

180 Capsules per Bottle

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  • Helps reduce elevated triglycerides and VLDL cholesterol which are both risk factors for coronary heart disease

  • Contains anti-inflammatory properties that helps reduce joint pain

  • Contains ANTIOXIDANTS that helps maintain good health

  • Is a natural blood thinner

rupafrexer A natural laxative that contains senna, cascara sagrada and aloe NPN 80037278

90 Capsules per Bottle

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  • Stimulant laxative for short-term relief of occasional constipation

  • Helps promote bowel movement by direct action on the large intestine

  • A gentle laxative that works within 8 to 12 hours

  • All natural (organic and wild grown)   

  •         AVAILABLE SOON!


The Rupaflexor and Rupalax Story

In the winter of 2005, after a long hiatus of about five years from seeing a doctor, my wife convinced me to see a doctor at a local clinic as I was just over 50 years of age and she was concerned about my general health as I was a bit over weight at the time. After the result of the routine blood test, the doctor advised me that my total cholesterol level was elevated and he recommended that I should take 20 mg of Lipitor a well known statin drug. After a very short time, I was noticing pain in my back that I did not have before. After reading the side effects of statins, I personally concluded my pain was probably due to a reaction to the statin drug I was taking.



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Key Features

  • Contain no fillers, preservatives or chemicals.
  • Ingredients are free from irradiation, ozone treatment, sulfites and gasses.
    Ingredients are analyzed for quality, safety and true botanical identity.
  • We use vegetable based capsules versus gelatin (animal hide).
  • Capsules and herbs used in our products are all Kosher certified in the USA.
  • The herbs used in the manufacture of Rupaflexor are certified organic. The
    vitamin C used is pharmaceutical grade and contains no fillers, additives or
    anti-caking agents.
  • Ingredients used in the manufacture of Rupalax are ethically wild harvested
    when not certified organic.
  • Senna used in the Rupalax formulation is certified organic and the aloe & cascara
    sagrada (aged) are wild harvested and grown without chemicals.